Saturday, 26 May 2012

Fiona Hall and the Kermadecs.

Fiona Hall's recent project The Kermadecs focuses on issues around the Pacific ocean. Research this project to summarize the importance of the area and upload an image to your blog for discussion.

Fiona Hall and her recent joint project with many other south pacific artists, Explores the idea of this uncharted territory, The Kermadecs as being a source for marine life which is in danger of being polluted with the commercialistation of countries which wish to use this area aswell as the Raoul islands to grow their industries i.e commercial fishing and mining of the volcanic and fossilised trenches. This area is one of the largest trenches and has alot of volcanic activity with volcanoes reaching aboutt he height of Mt. Ruapaehu, The idea to conserve this area is to protect not only the occupants of this area (sharks, whales and other marine life) but to also proctect the history for later generations of scientists to be able to discover what lies further beneath what we already know, This image shows how the destruction of these natural resources for our comercialisation of nations will destroy any chance of discoving further information and further study into this place which hold the key to ancient marine life. Also shows how the ship and submarines used this trench, how they would "pass through" some even capsizing.

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